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Elmo and the Styx – Be Fool – Album Review

Elmo and the Styx - BE FOOL


This is a dark horse. Like the band no ones heard of and only you like them. You wear the T-shirt for decades and STILL no one gets onto it. All it takes is that one dead rockstar to be influenced. Think how many undiscovered gems of bands there are in the world. An absolute corker. An original piece of rock and roll. Part blues, part rap, part jam. FFO The Sonics, Gang of Four, Nomeansno. This genre should be called Punk Floyd. No idea what the artwork or the title means, or the band name. Short sharp punk rock drawn out by extended breakdowns, guitar solos and jams. Completely schizophrenic and ultimately brilliant. Not for your mates. Just for you. And me.   8.5/10 W00fs

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